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A Night at The DAFTAS!

On January 7th, 2020, the day BAFTA nominations were announced, the inaugural DAFTA selections were also being drawn across town. Picked out of a hat (Well an envelope if I'm being specific) were three random teams. Then by each team - again at random - a BAFTA nominated film to Parody.

These were;

'Once Upon A Time In Hollywood'

'The Irishman'

'Rocket Man'

Rules stated that all shorts must each be filmed in one day, not exceed a budget of £200, run no longer than 7 minutes (excluding credits) and be submitted by 26th January for Judging in preparation for the Awards Premiere on January 29th.

The awards were founded by London-based publisher and model Tamara Orlova-Alvarez in honour of her late partner Joe Alvarez – a renowned celebrity photographer and socialite who passed away from cancer in October 2019. Celebrated judges included actor Karen Bryson MBE, award-winning director Tom Lawes, fashion designer Olga Roh, film financier Adam Ziff and journalist Matthew Myatt.

The final Parody's included;

'Once Upon A Time In Peckham',

'The Fetish Man'

'Rocketman: In treatment'

I'm proud and humbled to say, 'The Fetish Man' which I wrote and directed won five of the seven awards. It was such an honour and privilege to work alongside so many talented people to create this short film spoof... Monkia Miles, Tyler Winchcombe, Gavin Fowler, James Fowler, Ava West, Emelle and Luke Vernon were all incredible both on screen and behind the scenes. A true team who effortlessly came together to passionately produce a little bit of magic to share with the world.

Full list of the DAFTAS 2020 winners:

Best Costume: The Fetish Man

Best Original Music: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood – Nikolai Orlov, Andy Pages

Best Cinematography: The Fetish Man (Mark Haldor, Monika Miles, Tyler Winchcombe, Gavin Fowler)

Best Editing: Once Upon a Time in Peckham (Nuakai Aru)

Best Female Actor: Emelle Smith in The Fetish Man (Carrie, Pacino, Joker)

Best Male Actor: Darren Charman in The Fetish Man (Scorsese)

Best Film: The Fetish Man

You can view the 5 x DAFTA Award Winning Short Film Parody 'The Fetish Man' below and keep up to date with all things DAFTAS related, by clicking on any picture to visit their website.

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